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Our Next Meeting is on Zoom, Wednesday, 29th May, 7.30pm


Are you sometimes disappointed with the colours that roll out of your home printer? You often hear professional photographers talking about their ‘colour managed workflow’, but what does that mean? And how could it possibly help you?

Colour management is all about consistency and predictability. We all want our prints to look exactly like the rich saturated images we see on our monitors, but we all know from bitter experience that this is not always the case.

In this session, Mike will demonstrate how easy it is to calibrate both monitor and printer, and illustrate how the process works to improve colour output for everyone.

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Our meeting content is always subject to change if, for example, Apple surprises us with new technology at any point. But our future plans include:

  • May 29
    Showing Your True Colours

    with Mike Kwasniak - How to get the best out of your monitors and printers

    19:30 Zoom
  • Jul 31
    AGM - and Passkeys

    Passkeys with Bart Busschots - How they work and why you should use them.

    19:30 Zoom
  • Sep 25
    Notion Platform

    with Brad Clark -

    19:30 Zoom