Meetings in 2016

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Speaker :
Mark Elliss
When: 28 January 2016
Be afraid; be VERY afraid!

‘Macs cannot catch a virus’ - wrong!
‘Macs cannot be hacked’ - wrong!
‘It will never happen to me’ - wrong!

Terms and conditions - what have you agreed to?

Mark will go through computer security using some real world examples, and offer advice on how to stay safe.

Complacency is your enemy.
Apple TV + Tips ’n Tricks
Speaker: Mark Riley, the Committee
When: 30 March 2016
The AGM + intro to Apple TV + iApps
When: 25 May 2016
AGM : Mike Kwasniak
Intro to Apple Watch : Paul Skirrow
iApps : Martin Richmond-Hardy plus others
This will also be SMUG’s 10th Anniversary so we’re making it a social event.
There will be cake!
Apple Latest
Speaker: Brad Clarke
When: 27 July 2016
Brad’s back!!

Everyone’s favourite Apple man is back in the building and will be bringing us up to speed on the latest Apple news.

PS Most of our members know Brad, but for those who don’t, he was a senior instructor at London’s Regent Street Apple store until two years ago when he decided to go freelance, and make his vast knowledge available to the rest of the world :)  A great, entertaining, warm, witty, knowledgeable speaker!

See you there!
App speed-dating
When: 28 September 2016
An old favourite where you get to wander the hall, discover new apps, learn a bit about the ones you have but haven’t used too much (if at all!).
PLEASE NOTE This is not a night for bringing your broken Mac for service!
Security and Back-ups

Paul Skirrow will demonstrate just how easy it is to fool someone (don’t worry, we’ll ask first!) that they have just joined a public WiFi hotspot and allow access to an unwanted intruder. Paul will also discuss e-mail security, passwords and encryption.


Mark Elliss updates his previous, popular presentation, and will bring us up to speed with latest developments, ensuring you (and your irreplaceable content) stay safe.