Meetings 2013

We meet at 7pm at the St Nicholas Church Centre, Ipswich
*** All meetings subject to change depending on Apple's release date for its next OS. See September meeting.
January – Brad Clark on iMovie and Final Cut
March – AGM then Mark on iCloud & Synching
May – Simon & Mark on Maintenance and Backing Up
July – Mark Elliss on The new OS Mavericks and iOS7
September – Brad Clark on New Systems and Hardware News
November – Andy Proctor on WordPress

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Wednesday Feb 6 – Brad Clark on iMovie and Final Cut

These days we can all make movies. Our phones, iPods, iPads, Compact cameras and DSLRs are all capable of turning out great quality motion pictures. But how many of us actually take advantage of this amazing technology? And if not, why not?

Apple supremo, Brad Clarke will spend the evening exploding all sorts of myths about the difficulties of movie making and illustrate just how easy it is to organise and edit shots in iMovie, which (if you don’t already have a copy) is a bargain at just £10.49 from the app store.

Brad will also explain a little about iMovie’s big brother, Final Cut Pro, demonstrate how editing techniques differ between the two programs, and explain just what you get for shelling out a (relatively) eye-watering £200.00

See you there - iPod at the ready!

March 27  AGM  + Mark Elliss on iCloud & Synching

Guinness Book of Records nominee for the shortest AGMs in history? Should be! The Suffolk Mac User Group end-of-year formal stuff will be over in moments and will be followed by plenty of Mac goodness......
The intention is to inform people of what iCloud is for, what it is not for.
How to synch various devices with it.
What it does not do.
How to set it up.  
Also includes Apple TV.

Please bring your subscription if you haven't already paid.

May 29  Simon & Mark on Maintenance and Backing Up

Another busy evening at the St Nicholas Centre with two speakers and two related topics that effect us all.
Simon Parnell will cover:
  • Permissions - the myths and realities, what "repairing" them does and doesn't do, why you might want to "repair" them and a couple of ways to deal with permissions that Disk Utility doesn't touch that don't involve using the Terminal.
  • Maintenance Scripts - Do you need to run them manually? Ways to run run them if you want to...
  • Caches - what they do and why you should or shouldn't clear them
  • Prebinding... what the hell is that? Why you might wish to "update the prebinding"
  • Disk Fragmentation.... is it a problem most of us need to worry about? What to do about it if you think it may be a problem.
  • Anti Virus and Security Software.
And Mark Elliss will discuss:
  • Backing up with, and explaining the difference between, Time Machine and Time Capsule and the Tardis. 
  • Backing up to local drives, network drives and off site backups 
  • The results of the ‘it will never happen to me’ syndrome.

The new OS Mavericks and iOS7

Mark Elliss has stepped into the breach due to Brad’s illness and will talk about the new Apple operating systems

Sept 25  Brad Clarke: Apps, Web sites & Services

Following recent hugely successful presentations at Google Head Office and Campus in the City, Brad returns to Ipswich with an amazing, essential programme that examines a range of fascinating apps, websites and services that you may not yet have discovered, but will quickly realise you can’t live without!

From the sublimely cool to the unbelievably useful, Brad’s presentation is guaranteed to have you reaching for your keypad when you get home!

See you there - armed with a notepad!

Nov 27 Andy Proctor – WordPress

Andy produces WordPress websites made in house for new business, project portfolio, personal development & social enterprise websites supporting a good cause.
The YoungVoice project provides websites, training, support & development for young people with WordPress as the platform.
Wordpress is a free blogging tool adapted and used to make fabulous websites for individuals and businesses alike. The sites use plug-ins and widgets with a range of themes and tools to create business websites, photography portfolio websites, blogging sites, interest groups and much, much more.

And it’s easy to use! 

During the first part of this evenings meeting, Wordpress expert, Andy Proctor, will demonstrate just how easy it is to create your own site, add and link pages, and add text and pictures. Whether you are a complete beginner and would like to build your first site, or an experienced user looking to extend your knowledge, Andy will show just how quickly you can learn to use this incredible, free, web-based program. 

After coffee you can choose your own path as four members of the committee offer bite-sized presentations around the floor...

Mark Elliss, continuing the main theme of the evening, will show you how to get your newly-created website online and ready for the world to view.

Simon Parnell will be demonstrating the new features in Mavericks, and answering any questions or concerns you may have about the new operating system.

Martin Richmond-Hardy will demonstrate how Macs and iPads are being used for astronomy, and the diverse range of apps available.

And, having developed an obsession for wide panoramic prints on holiday this year, Mike Kwasniak will demonstrate how to create seamless panoramas and use Adobe’s content-aware tools to fill in the missing bits! I will also TRY to answer any burgeoning PS questions you may have.