Meetings 2006

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Meeting 1 - Apple and Photoshop – Guy Gowan – Wednesday 25 January 2006

31 mac users attended the inaugural meeting in central Ipswich. As hoped for, the group attracted mac users with a range of experience, from absolute beginners to qualified mac engineers. After a presentation by Apple and Photoshop guru, Guy Gowan (discussing non-destructive retouching techniques in photoshop, and the newly introduced iLife 06 suite from Apple), members decided on a format for the future - based on information gathered from everyone present via questionnaire. Future meetings will be held on a bimonthly basis and will be held on the last Wednesday of the month, starting FEBRUARY 22nd 2006.
No notes available.

Meeting 3 - Special Interest Groups – Wednesday 26 April 2006

Seven new members and a fabulous new venue for the group. Free gifts from the amazing Dr Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe, Russell Preston Brown has granted us permission to distribute his fantastic photoshop tips and tricks on CD. The disc, containing over 600Mb of quicktime movie tutorials is available to all members of Suffolk Mac User Group. If you don't have a copy and would like one, drop an email to Mike Kwasniak by clicking here

Me and My Mac
John Prescott ( discussed his workstation and a wide range of excellent freeware and shareware that he uses to increase productivity. If members didn't pick up a copy of John's notes and would like more information about the software, it's available on the members web site

Special Interest Groups
Four SIGs were run during the evening, examining iWeb, Dreamweaver, Quark and InDesign.

Thank you for last night. I enjoyed the meeting and learned a bit more about Macs and what you can do. A long way from my first Apple Euro of 1979 vintage. Good to be in the company of believers.
Bob Mountford

Thanks for another excellent SMUG meeting
Simon Parnell

Thanks for all your hard work, I was very impressed last night
Brett Williams

Great evening, great venue
Steve Tarling

It was very interesting to see InDesign in action and how much it carries across from Photoshop etc. I think the consensus was that only old Quark legacy files will open in InDesign and that later ones need a third-party translator. Even then it seems the translation is not always faultless. Was a pleasure to put the My System stuff together. I hope it was of interest.
John Prescott

Meeting 4 - Cancom, Cambridge – Wednesday 28 June 2006

Me and My Mac
John Arnott kicked off the evening with an excellent tour of his Mac’s contents and a whirlwind tour of the apps that make him a happy owner.

A hike in membership of 25% greeted guests from Cancom, Cambridge who gave members an opportunity to get down and dirty with Apple’s new raft of Intel powered Macs.
Huge thanks to the guys for their generous gifts - with John Prescott and Bob Mountfort walking off with excellent (and valuable) draw prizes!

Meeting 5 – Photoshop CS2 – Alan Rosenfeld, Adobe – Wednesday 30 August 2006

Direct from the UK office of Adobe, special guest Alan Rosenfeld (Adobe’s UK chief evangelist) addressed our biggest audience to date (76) and charmed us all with his extraordinary wit (and knowledge!)LUMINOSITY was the keyword of Alan’s presentation. A luminous lecture, introducing a new way to approach work in Adobe’s most popular app. Suffolk MUG’s audience of photographers, designers and keen amateurs greeted Alan’s presentation with massive applause:

An excellent evening! Learnt more about Photoshop, bombarded with techniques and style!
Clive Johnstone

It was really great to have a photoshop pro actually showing the finer points of the program rather than just “beginners tips”
Liz Whatling

Alan was great. Much food for thought and experimentation, and he is amusing with it. Brilliant!
John Prescott

Meeting 6 - Getting it for FREE – Leonard Payne – Wednesday 25 October 2006

An exploration of the wide variety of apps available to Mac users (all freeware, so they won’t cost you a penny).
Here are the list of the websites Leonard highlighted in his talk:
Sproutitmailroom (
Webgui (

Me and My Mac
Leonard’s excellent presentation was followed by a lightning tour (and another dazzling demonstration of the elegant power of KEYNOTE) by photographer Tony Bramley of his system and software.

Meeting 7 - Troubleshooting – Simon Parnell – Tuesday 28 November 2006

An excellent and informative evening in which Simon Parnell comprehensively explained what to do when things go belly up...
Hardware -How to reset the PRAM and why you might want to do soHow to reset the SMC/SMU and why you might need to do so.
How to get into Open Firmware and what you do there
How to get into "Single User" mode and run the fsck routine
Maintenance-What sort of thing should you do to make sure your Mac is basically healthy and a few free tools that will help keep that simple.
"Repair Permissions" what it really does, why and when you should use it and why most of what you read about repair permissions is voodoo.
When Apps misbehave!
Force Quitting, killing .plist files and other preferences and reinstalling
Protection, firewalls, AV, etc.
Prevention is better than cure... (or how to be safe and smug after disaster strikes) aka Back Up, Back Up and then Back Up some more...)
A few handy websites... Macintouch, Low End Mac,
Simon Parnell is a graphic designer and prepress guy at Gipping Press in Needham Market and has worked on Macs since the IIcx / 68k 030 era and has worked his way through systems 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, Jaguar, Panther and now Tiger via a succession of 030, 040, PPC601 and 603,G3, G4 and G5 Macs and is currently planning how to get his hands on at least one quad Xeon Mac Pro....Over the years he has learnt the hard way how get a disabled Mac back on its feet and what happens when you don't back up properly! A pdf of Simon's notes to accompany his presentation are available from this site
[well, they will be]