Meetings in 2017–18

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Wednesday 25 January 2017, 7:00pm
at our new venue: Museum Street Methodist Church

Mike Kwasniak kicks of the evening with a quick look at a stunning new app called Adobe Spark - free to use, and a great way to share images online with friends and family. Creating your own website page may have seemed a ridiculously complex task in the past, but with Spark it’s just a simple case of drag and drop. Completely free to use, no ifs, no buts, all it requires is an internet connection. Simple to use and well worth investigating!

Mark Elliss takes the floor after that, bringing us up to date with iCloud developments, and explaining how we can all make best use of this stunning (and again, free) facility. We know that some of our members find iCloud quite difficult to navigate, and Mark will explain exactly how and when to use it. And why you should :)
Affinity Photo & Affinity Design
Speaker: Robin Dean
When: 29 March 2017
Serif’s new (and long overdue) competition for Adobe, in the form of Affinity Design and Affinity Photo. Inexpensive, but bursting with features, these programs are stunning in both capabilities and ambition.
The AGM + 2 talks
When: 31 May 2017
AGM : Mike Kwasniak
Creating a Photobook using Apple Photos : Mike Kwasniak
Creating spectacular documents in Pages : Joe Valentine

OSX 2017 innovations
Speaker: Brad Clarke
When: 26 July 2017
Brad’s back!!

Everyone’s favourite Apple man is back in the building and will be bringing us up to speed on the latest Apple news.

PS Most of our members know Brad, but for those who don’t, he was a senior instructor at London’s Regent Street Apple store until two years ago when he decided to go freelance, and make his vast knowledge available to the rest of the world :)  A great, entertaining, warm, witty, knowledgeable speaker!

See you there!
3 for the price of 1
When: 27 September 2017
DaVinci Resolve : Barry Burns
iTunes : Andy Brobbin
MacBooks : Paul Skirrow
Speaker: Tony Bramley
When: 29 November 2017
Mac Security, Housekeeping and Maintenance
Speaker : Mark Elliss
When : 31 January 2018
Speaker : Andy Proctor
When : 28 March 2018