Suffolk Mac User Group Courses 2014-15

The need for classes seems to have diminished (a reflection of the speed with which new software is being released perhaps?) and last season several were cancelled due to low interest levels. We are pleased to (provisionally) offer the following for the current session:

Please email us what subjects you would like to attend!

Downloadable Booking form (pdf) is here

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Processing Camera Raw in Photoshop and Lightroom
A two-evening event in APRIL led by Mike Kwasniak and aimed towards Photoshop and Lightroom users.
THURSDAY 6 and 13 March, 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Museum Street Methodist Church Classroom, Ipswich

Adapted from Mike’s 2012 presentation, this two-session class will begin with a technical introduction explaining why raw remains the best way to record images and a brief demonstration of the differences between a heavily processed raw image when compared to a similarly processed jpeg.
This will be followed by a shared examination of each of the tools and palettes in the raw processing panel (the Develop module in Lightroom), using sample images provided for the session. Constrained only by available time the sessions will cover everything from the simplicity of making exposure changes to the relative complexity of soft-proofing.
The session is aimed at members who own (and use) either full Photoshop or Lightroom, and is not suited to those using Photoshop Elements (Although Elements has a raw processing feature the toolset is very limited). Participants will ideally be using Photoshop CS6 (or CC) or Lightroom 5.
You will need to bring along your computer (loaded with PS or Lightroom) and drawing tablet, if you use one.
The cost of attending the two-session class is £20 and includes refreshments and illustrated notes.
Who am I?
I am an Ipswich-based professional photographer, with 21 years experience as a wedding photographer (which turned me in to the grumpy fart you see before you today!) and 30 years as a theatre photographer. Last year I was awarded Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.

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Colour Management
Mike’s Colour Management course is taking place on Wednesday October 15th - a single session for £10.

Colour management is all about consistency and predictability. We all want our outputted prints to look exactly like the rich saturated images we see on our monitors, but we all know from bitter experience that this is not always the case. In this one-off session Mike will demonstrate the process of calibrating both monitor and printer in detail, allowing participants to see closely, and at first hand, just how easy it is, and how the process works to improve colour output.
Geeky technical terms will be avoided wherever possible, but we will take a look at Rendering Intents and Soft Proofing, and learn how they can be used to further improve print output.

It is not necessary to bring your Mac as the event is a demonstration only. 

Experience level:
A thorough knowledge of basic Mac (or PC) operations (navigation, selecting, opening and saving files etc). Previous experience of Colour Management practices is not essential.

Dates & costs:
The event is open to all @ £10 (including interval refreshments). The class will run 7pm - 10pm on 24 April in a room at the Museum Street Methodist Church.
Lightroom (Beginners)
A one-evening event in JANUARY 2015 led by Steve Tarling
Download the Booking form here
Use just the one form if you also wish to book for the Intermediate course.
Lightroom (Intermediate)
A one-evening event in JANUARY 2015 led by Steve Tarling
Download the Booking form here
Use just the one form if you also wish to book for the Intermediate course.